Titration Application for Patients

A paramount component of our company is known as the Titration Tracker – a patient-centered application that for the first time ever, will provide physicians with the ability to observe a convalescents’ symptomatic progress based on day-to-day results. The implementation of our innovative Titration Tracker has established the foundation for a justifiable solution in alternative healthcare that has placed us at the forefront of this industry. As leaders in compiling empirical statistical data, we are successfully bridging the gap between patients and their primary care clinicians.

The results of our medical tracking system will serve as a direct reflection of a patient’s daily medical use of marijuana and will be measured against any existing pain levels from a diagnosed ailment. Once all of the patient’s statistics are compiled and sorted into their appropriate areas, all reports are then filed, stored and made available via graphical presentation through the doctors’ electronic medical records.

When inputting a patient’s specified medicine dosage for that day, as well as any general feedback on their body’s feelings throughout the day, patients are finally granted full-control of their personal health as well as a sense of clarity that they have never experienced before.

Our company is out to substantiate that cannabis is a legitimate form of medicine that can provide a safe treatment alternative for patients that are suffering from chronic and debilitating conditions. We understand that pharmaceuticals are typically the primary option pushed on patients, but we’ve implemented our Titration Tracker in order to provide doctors with a visible solution that rids patients of any addictive prescriptions.

Gone are the days of patients suffering from horrendous side effects. Here to stay are the days of providing patients with their own individualized analysis of personal health. The Medical Cannabis Network provides patients with unique visibility on the gradual progress of achieving a healthy lifestyle again. For once, patients will finally have the necessary tools to begin helping one another suffer less because of the knowledge that is being passed on.